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Enigma is a reimplementation of Oxyd, a puzzle game that was very popular on the Atari ST and later on the PC. Equipped with a little black marble, your objective is to locate and uncover matching pairs of Oxyd stones.

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Recent releases

  •  16 Jun 2005 07:15

    Release Notes: The game now optionally runs in higher resolutions (800x600 and 1024x768). The main menus were translated to German, Dutch, Spanish, French, and Italian. Many new game objects were added along with many new levels (now more than 750). Tutorial levels that teach the basics of the game were also added. The graphics were updated to make the game playable by color-blind players. Gamma correction can now be changed from inside the game. Finally, support for loading levels from the original Oxyd series was improved tremendously.

    •  15 Oct 2003 19:34

      Release Notes: This release primarily fixes the bugs reported during the beta test. A couple of new levels have been added and the ability to select arbitrary levels from the level menu has been re-established.

      •  16 Sep 2003 14:35

        Release Notes: This release adds two game modes (easy and difficult), a Sokoban mode, more than 300 new levels, a user manual, countless new game elements (turnstiles, volcanos, warp tunnels, land-mines, jump pads, rotors, etc.), and many internal changes, like better soft-scrolling and a reduced memory footprint.

        •  16 Feb 2003 16:08

          Release Notes: This release features more than 70 new levels, many new game objects, better graphics, stereo sound, and greatly improved mouse controls.

          •  24 Dec 2002 12:55

            Release Notes: This version contains 40 new levels, greatly improved graphics, variable mouse speed, configurable sound and music volume, and faster screen updates.


            Project Spotlight


            A Fluent OpenStack client API for Java.


            Project Spotlight

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