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30 Jul 2011 01:06 MikkoM88

Known issues with v0.3.16

"Note that if you're installing on a system that has previously run an older version, you may need to delete your config.xml or may get errors about missing font files. On Macs, you may also need to delete some files for the new version to run."

Useful links to fix these issues can be found here:

12 May 2010 00:14 MikkoM88

The last version, which I mentioned in my earlier comment, is of course version 0.3.13 so changes from version 0.3 to version 0.3.14 are very significant.

11 May 2010 20:14 MikkoM88

FreeOrion v.0.3.14 has been released for Windows, statically-linked Linux, and Intel Mac OSX!

Major changes since the last version include: Progress on the 3D interactive combat system (not yet playable however), which can be tested during regular games by running "freeorion --test-3d-combat" or directly by running "freeorion --tech-demo". Transition from SCons to CMake. Resource meter growth is now +1 per turn instead of a much more complicated formula. The visibility system has also been completely reworked.

A complete (long) list of recent changes can be found here:

And the new releases can be found here:


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