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GNU FreeDink

GNU FreeDink is a portable and enhanced version of the Dink Smallwood game engine. It aims at running the original game as well as its D-Mods (Dink MODules, or add-ons), with close compatibility, under new platforms. The internals of the engines are being cleaned up to allow for portability and later improvements.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  29 May 2014 10:15

    Release Notes: A new, simple versioning scheme, without scary .20YYMMDD dates, and proper playing of Dink's intro screen music. FreeDinkedit now plays sounds on Windows. A Brazilian Portuguese translation was provided for the engine strings, and other translations were added. 64-bit Windows is now supported.

    •  21 Mar 2010 18:30

      Release Notes: A couple of bugfixes. 9 new translations.

      •  19 Sep 2009 09:01

        Release Notes: The PSP (PlayStation Portable) architecture was added. A new logging system was implemented. Dink no longer crashes on very long lines in dink.ini or DinkC scripts. Start-up RAM requirements were reduced by 7MB and less memory bandwidth is required for sounds, which is mostly useful for small devices. Support for contextual translations was added. Code was cleaned up in the input subsystem (joystick) and shutdown process. Numerous buffer overflows in the DinkC interpreter were fixed along with a potential infinite loop during search/replace when the replacement contained the search term.

        •  20 Jan 2009 22:19

          Release Notes: This release brings i18n, so you can translate D-Mods. It also fixes some crashes due to improper D-Mod scripts (e.g. attempts to modify sprite #1000): DinkC scripts are now better validated to avoid this.

          •  03 Jan 2009 08:04

            Release Notes: This initial release is fully compatible with Dink 1.08.


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