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FreeCoins is an accounting program written in C++ for PalmOS. It features multiple accounts in multiple categories, scheduled/recurring transactions, split transactions, a proper (collapsable) account tree, double entry bookkeeping (similar to GnuCash), cleared/uncleared transactions, separate cleared/uncleared balances totals for the current account, current category, and all accounts in all categories, and the ability to add/delete/modify accounts and transactions to suit your needs.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  23 May 2006 00:24

    Release Notes: This release has initial support for keyboard navigation with 5-way 'fnav' resources (Treo smartphone and alike), and some other UI improvements (like Edit/Cut-Copy-Paste menus, and not forcing numeric on sci.notation). There is some speedup of transaction autocompletion code, and some more code cleanups. It has Global find support, the binary code size has been reduced (without reducing features), some bugs have been fixed.

    •  26 Feb 2006 12:18

      Release Notes: The "Parent totals not reset on I/E reset" bug was fixed. A bug with junk transactions showing up or a transaction missing was fixed. Transaction browsing was sped up considerably in many cases. Compilation fixes were made for newer tools. The code is compiled with -Os for smaller size and better speed.

      •  28 Jan 2003 08:54

        Release Notes: This release includes a full manual, auto-completion, internationalization (German and French versions are included), multiple currency support, note support for both transactions and accounts, a choice of default payment methods, a 'record now' button for scheduled transactions, a facility for pausing scheduled transactions, a facility for clearing Income and Expense accounts, a facility for adjusting the cleared balance only, and overdraft handling.

        •  03 Sep 2001 14:47

          Release Notes: This release adds a nifty calculator which can be used when entering transactions and account details. Support for local number formats was also added. The password checking and balance adjust features have been reimplemented to run on PalmOS versions earlier than 3.5. Some bugfixes were made for the transaction scheduling. Databases are now backed up on sync.

          •  25 Jul 2001 16:47

            Release Notes: The program changed its name from PalmCoins to FreeCoins. Many new features were added, such as split transactions, full account hierarchy support, working scheduled transactions, and much more. All the known bugs from PalmCoins-0.4.2 were fixed.


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