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23 Dec 2008 15:52 mdnava

This game shouldn't be on real-time strategy, that's what I was expecting.

06 Mar 2004 07:36 Bloem

Re: Freeciv gone ?
Yes, I've noticed. Prior to march the 3rd I was not able to connect to A traceroute went untill a router of sony and I'd figured some network configuration or hosting-problem would be the troublemaker.
I was wondering what the problem was and since the site was down, I figured that someone on freshmeat would have an answer.

The site is up now and I was able to get the latest and greatest freeciv-client and play this wonderfull game with my friends. Thanks!

04 Mar 2004 12:56 jeffcovey

Re: Freeciv gone ?

> Does anyone know where freeciv is gone.
> seems down.

It's not down; it says:

> March 3rd 2004: general failure
> Due to a disk array failure on's most important machine,
> many Freeciv services, including the metaserver, game ranking, are out
> of order. However, the public gameserver is still up: you can play on
> the Internet with your Freeciv client. Either here on pubserver or at
> on the server.

Please give them some time to make repairs.

04 Mar 2004 08:26 Bloem

Freeciv gone ?
Does anyone know where freeciv is gone. seems down.

13 Mar 2003 16:26 samboy

Patch to make AI easier to defeat
Since people have been complaining that the AI is too difficult to defeat, I have implemented a patch which causes the AI to only very slowly get tech. This makes the game fun for people who are not intimately aware of how to as quickly as possible develop technology for FreeCiv.

The patch is here

- Sam

10 Nov 2002 16:14 rp2

Re: Miscategorization
What do you mean? In Freeciv, human-to-human play is real-time - although turns still exist - while playing against the AI is turn-based.

In DMOZ, Freeciv was recently *removed* from the turn-based strategy games section. I don't believe in categorization systems, but feel free to put it back in.

09 Nov 2002 21:20 sanity

This game is not "Real-time Strategy" - it is "Turn Based Strategy", the two are mutually exclusive.

23 May 2002 20:41 bcrowell

great game! some quibbles...
I gave up on the commercial series after Call to Power turned out to be so horrible. This is really an enjoyable game. Seems bug-free!

My only complaints are that the server is hard to use, and it would be nice to have documentation on what features are missing, e.g., I didn't understand at first that diplomacy wasn't implemented, and thought I just was stupid for not being able to figure out how to do it.

24 Oct 2001 17:19 randolfrotta

freeciv rocks
for me freeciv is one of the most undefeatable games on earth.
hundret times better than the original and this even without
sound and tons of prerendered videos.
(no one needs this really for playing)

and in german:
einfach Geil!

18 Oct 1999 23:30 windozesux

Download it... NOW!
Strategy fans, prepare to dump Windoze from your hard disk. Download that little Freeciv tarball and you'll never look back. :-) And look at it this way: it converted me, a die-hard real time strategy gamer, into a Civilization fan. That's pretty powerful stuff.


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