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FreeCheck is a free check-printing utility, currently only for US and possibly Canadian checks. You can use it to print your own checks on blank check stock, available from office supply stores and various places around the web. It generates a PostScript file which can be saved to disk, printed, or converted to PDF using GhostScript.


Recent releases

  •  18 Oct 2002 17:23

    Release Notes: New features & bugfixes, including support for Quicken check layouts, EPS logo support, and various bugfixes.

    •  13 Aug 2000 07:24

      Release Notes: More flexible, and correct, MICR line formatting, and MICR line error checking. FreeCheck should now be able to generate any valid MICR line.

      •  03 Aug 2000 05:58

        Release Notes: Initial public release.

        Recent comments

        24 Apr 2001 17:37 naught

        Re: Checks?

        > My parents
        > used to have a checkbook when I was a
        > kid, myself I haven't seen one in 15
        > years.

        If you havn't used checks in 15 years, why do you care if this is only for american checks?

        In Japan I paid all my bills at the convenience store, in the US I use checks. If I were in Europe I guess I would use whatever system was in place there. I do know that I wouldn't try to insult someone for using a different system, basically because no one cares.

        03 Aug 2000 15:26 sandeen

        Re: Integrating into GNUCash
        I have been in touch with the GnuCash people... they seem mildly interested. I need to get the fill-out portion of FreeCheck done (amount, payee, etc) and then perhaps they can use it. They're currently using Gnome-Print to fill out pre-printed checks, I believe.

        03 Aug 2000 15:03 dplatt

        Integrating into GNUCash?
        It's be really, really neat to have the freecheck/GNUMicr stuff
        integrated into the check-printing feature in GNUCash. This
        would allow a check to be printed in a single pass through the
        printer, complete with the necessary MICR encoding of the
        amount of the check.

        03 Aug 2000 09:55 sandeen

        North American Checks
        Sorry, that's true, it's only for American (and Canadian) checks. If you'd like to extend it to print checks for your country, I'll accept patches. :-)

        03 Aug 2000 03:09 residentgeek

        Re: Checks?
        and that the rest of the western world has moved to better payments options ages ago.

        Paper has not quite become cards only work because there's a big database that says that transactions took place. Either way, it looks like a cool way to design your own checks; I still write them. :P


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