Comments for FreeCell Java Applet

20 Nov 2003 06:48 svajdlenka

Very nice project
I tried your FreeCell game. It is very nice developed. I tried to make freecell game in Java too, but I must say that my is more worse. It was my second game in Java, normally I don't make programs of this kind.
If you want to see my go to my homepage:
I wish you a lot of success for future.

13 May 2002 08:33 peterpaassen

Re: Want to join this project

Thanks for the compliment and rating.

Drag and drop would indeed be an improvement, so feel free to contribute your changes. I'll be happy to add them to a new version, add you to the credits and announce it on freshmeat.

Keep on coding,



12 May 2002 08:45 somik

Want to join this project
Hi There,
This is a neat little Applet. Ive been doing some intensive Java 1.1 dev with applets, I think I can contribute some improvements to your GUI - make it drag and drop, etc.. Can I join as a developer for this project? (Im new to freshmeat, so dont know exactly how the process works)



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