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FreeCC (formerly KawaDD) is parser/lexer generator written in Java. It is a development fork of the well known JavaCC parser generator originally developed at Sun Microsystems. It has extra features such as "code injection" and more flexible tree-building strategies. Also, it is far easier to customize the code the tool generates, because it uses FreeMarker templates that can be tailored for one's needs.

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Recent releases

  •  13 Jan 2009 18:35

    Release Notes: A major bug was fixed where FreeCC would not work on many grammars that contain case-insensitive token matching. The Node/Token/BaseNode API was rounded out and cleaned up. The MULTI option now generates subclasses of Token as well as BaseNode. An introductory tutorial (still incomplete) has been added. Many out-of-the-box defaults have been changed. Code generated by the tool Generated code now requires JDK 1.5.

    •  20 Nov 2008 18:34

      Release Notes: This release contains a host of minor bugfixes, as well as some extra polish, such as an Ant task.

      •  22 Oct 2008 17:29

        Release Notes: This release introduces a new INCLUDE_GRAMMAR statement that allows you to organize your grammar file into multiple physical files. The NODE_PACKAGE option is working now (it was not working in 0.9). There has been a lot of code cleanup and a multitude of minor bugfixes.


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