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FramerD is a semi-structured object database integrated with a Scheme-based scripting language which supports multi-lingual programming (with pervasive Unicode), a stable module system for programming in the large, distributed applications (via an extensible RPC protocol), non-deterministic (PROLOG-like) evaluation for search and set operations, multi-threaded program execution, extensive tools for text and language analysis, built-in HTML/XML/MIME parsers, and intuitive (CGI- and FastCGI-based) Web scripting. The built-in object database robustly supports millions of objects and indexed access to those objects, both through disk files and networked servers.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  19 Aug 2002 15:41

    Release Notes: This is an upgrade release which fixes some minor packaging problems. It also includes some minor patches to handle some initialization failures and a bug with the implementation of qstrings. The URLFNS module for parsing and indexing URLs was added. The Win32 installer is now based on NSIS from from NullSoft.

    •  27 Jul 2002 03:17

      Release Notes: Many bugfixes, especially for multi-threaded programs. A new memory management subsystem and optimization of operations on large sets (choices) were added. The text analysis and Web access functions were expanded. A new Web application framework (mod_fdserv) was also added for supporting persistent multi-threaded servlets for generating dynamic documents.

      •  06 Mar 2002 21:43

        No changes have been submitted for this release.

        Recent comments

        15 Sep 2003 01:20 colbell

        Re: Why the is not avaliable?

        > Can't open the homepage here. Beijing,
        > P.R.China.

        There have been problems in the past with ISPs in China blocking access to some sites on SourceForge, this may be happening again. You could try accessing the project page directly

        14 Sep 2003 22:01 qinpu

        Why the is not avaliable?
        Can't open the homepage here. Beijing, P.R.China.


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