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fracplanet is an interactive application for generating and viewing random fractal planets and terrain with oceans, mountains, icecaps, and rivers. These can then be exported as models to POV-Ray or Blender, or as textures to other applications. It uses Qt and OpenGL.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  06 Oct 2009 07:47

    Release Notes: This application was ported to Qt4, with a significiant code rework. Apart from the shinier Qt4 "look", and automatic use of multisampled rendering when supported by OpenGL, there are no new features.

    •  21 Apr 2007 21:11

      Release Notes: Updates were made for Debian Etch and Ubuntu Edgy. No new program functionality was added.

      •  16 Jul 2006 20:04

        Release Notes: The main addition in this release is the ability to export the terrain as a texture map, with or without relief shading. A DEM (Digital Elevation Model, or height field) and normal map are also written. For planets, the textures are a cylindrically projected latitude/longitude map (this is directly usable as a spheremap in POV-Ray). The illumination direction is now controllable from the GUI, and swirly spiral weather systems can be added into the clouds.

        •  09 Apr 2006 20:01

          Release Notes: Now also builds .debs for Debian Sarge and Ubuntu Breezy (available from sourceforge). There is little reason for users with a working 0.3.0 to upgrade: one minor GUI improvement, and the random number generator switches to use the boost mt19937 implementation. For those building the code themselves, please note that the boost C++ library is now required ("libboost-dev" package on Debian).

          •  21 Mar 2006 01:08

            Release Notes: This version adds the ability to export meshes to Blender, the option of generating a layer of clouds, control over the viewer window's background colour, and some built-in documentation.

            Recent comments

            23 Jan 2005 02:20 gdesigner

            What a great program! Very short learning curve too. You get results almost immediately.

            Many thanks to all the contributors.


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