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Fqutils provides a basic set of bioinformatics command line tools for working with sequence data in FASTQ format. It complements Greg Hannon's fine Fastx Toolkit suite. One characteristic of Fqutils is that it correctly handles the full FASTQ format as described by the published standard, which specifically allows multi-line sequence and quality score information per record. Fqutils is intended to be useful as part of the early portions of post-sequencing pipelines and quality assessment processes.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  28 Sep 2012 21:25

    Release Notes: This initial 0.4 release adds fqu_cull for extracting a subset of a FASTQ stream. It also adds man pages.

    •  23 Sep 2012 01:45

      Release Notes: This release adds fqu_degen for converting bases to IUPAC degenerate codes. It adds fqu_wc for performing word (kmer) counts.

      •  21 Sep 2012 15:57

        Release Notes: Primarily documentation improvements in markdown and help messages.

        •  19 Sep 2012 23:42

          Release Notes: This is the initial release of fqutils.


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