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06 Jul 2005 14:49 bero

Much underrated toolkit...
Having tried it out, I have to say FOX is a pretty good


Qt is more powerful, but for people who need

something LGPLed, FOX is definitely the right choice.

Much better than GTK, unfortunately not very widely


08 Feb 2005 15:37 jstotler

Could we PLEASE get a mirror?
This is the 4th time in the last 2 years that I've DLed this to build stuff, and it always entails a download at .3-.6k/sec. It's maddening.

Hell, I'll host it, let's just get some faster speeds on this thing....

10 Apr 2003 04:10 tuxjay


This is a really really good piece of software. My previous choice of GUI toolkit to use was QT, but after having used FOX just once I've never looked back.

More subscribers of this project should rate it.

31 Aug 2002 12:42 CJayC

An excellent GUI toolkit.
FOX actually makes GUI programming in C++ fun. The design is very clean, and the library is well implemented. The tremendous portability between Windows and Linux/BSD/UNIX is very useful. Overall, this is one library I find nearly indispensible.

23 Mar 2000 23:15 crbryaniii

erratum: it's C++, not C
He's explicit on his site that it's C++ top-to-bottom.


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