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Fast OnlineUpdate for SuSE

Fast OnlineUpdate for SuSE (fou4s) is a bash script that provides the functionality of YOU (YaST OnlineUpdate), but can also work in background and check for updates every night. It supports resumed downloads and proxies by using wget. GPG signatures are also checked.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  07 Jun 2006 22:48

    Release Notes: This release is the first version with SuSE 10.1 support. It is a very early beta. Don't use it with older SuSE versions; it will probably be unable to update itself.

    •  05 Jun 2006 13:50

      Release Notes: Support was added for CURL and HTTPS proxies. HTTPS business product fixes were made. The reboot check has been fixed to work every time, not only during the first run. Additionally, it is now disabled if more than one kernel is installed. The --usedir option is now more intelligent. Downloading of the mirror list (--server -w) works again. The RPM cache was invalidated at every call on business products, causing bad performance. This has been fixed. The modules directory is now correctly renamed after creating a kernel backup.

      •  12 Mar 2006 20:59

        Release Notes: Curl support has been improved. New support for "proxy-digest" authentication has been added (only possible with curl; auto-fallback).

        •  12 Feb 2006 06:01

          Release Notes: Support for curl was added. Some HTTPS and business product fixes were done. Downloading the server list now works again. The "directory" files used by you to detect the updates are now used more exactly (and don't use patches not mentioned inside). Enable this by using "--usedir" or UseDir=1 in the configuration file.

          •  01 Jun 2005 01:53

            Release Notes: This release adds an important fix for x86_64 machines; the previous release installed i586 packages instead of x86_64 ones.

            Recent comments

            30 Aug 2002 12:27 mgaugusch

            Re: wget
            Fou4s doesn't modify the PATH - if the path of wget is not in the PATH, fou4s can't find it! Does it work on the shell, or only not in the cronjob?

            27 Aug 2002 19:42 butrusgali

            i have wget installed from source and fou4 does not find it

            20 Jul 2002 07:33 stonki

            Great Tool
            This tool is exactly what is missing in SuSE Linux and the Online Update feature. Instead of the heavyweight and debatable YAST2, this tool offers much better function.
            A MUST for all SuSE Linux user !


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