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21 Jun 2007 02:28 edgedg

At least 1.5.4 doesn't seem to handle exceptions well. Functions that exit with exceptions result in having some unrealistic timings.

20 Jun 2007 09:28 edgedg

There were 2 errors I encountered during installation.

1) fncmalloc.c:34: error: `RTLD_NEXT' undeclared

2) /home/edg/FunctionCheck/fnccheck/test/sub.c:14: undefined reference to `sin'

To fix them, after ./configure is finished I edited config.status changing CFLAGS line to "s%@CFLAGS@%-g -D_GNU_SOURCE -lm -O2%g". -D_GNU_SOURCE is fix for the first error and -lm for the second. Hope this helps any other noob than me.

19 Apr 2006 17:56 jgabriels

there are 3 forks of this project
There are 3 forks of this project

Version 1.4/2.0 is the original and is no

longer being actively developed.

Version 3.0 is a fork that is also dead.

Version 1.5.4 is the only active one and also

the only one that supports amd64 processors.

08 Oct 2005 20:17 highlandsun

Not for SMP
By the way, the multithreading support barely works on a single-processor system; it is hopeless on SMP. Unfortunately it has no way of knowing when a thread context switch occurs, so the allocation of time to functions is unreliable. It still works fine for single-threaded programs or single-processor machines, but I don't see any easy solutions for making the profiler accurate on a multi-processor machine. At least it's still usable as a malloc tracer, and it doesn't eat up as much address space as valgrind.


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