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Flwm is an X window manager designed to be user friendly and use the absolute minimum amount of screen real estate. It has no icons, using a pop-up menu to select hidden or new windows, and sideways titlebars. Flwm is also designed to achieve Gnome, KDE, and Motif compatibility simultaneously and has also been tested with many SGI programs that normally require 4DWM.


Recent releases

  •  19 Sep 2000 10:00

    Release Notes: The menu now has a smaller font and blue selection color. Many little bugfixes were added.

    •  23 Aug 1999 23:02

      Release Notes: Much better click-to-type, new windows are always created active and on the current desktop, picking the current window off the menu works, works with windows that are larger than the screen and does not resize them, added -maximum WxH switch to set the dimensions for the maximize buttons.

      •  15 May 1999 22:16

        Release Notes: Alt+Tab now goes to sticky windows. Lots of bug fixes and code cleanup.

        •  26 Apr 1999 16:35

          Release Notes: Alt+tab and Alt+backtab work like in Windows, they pop up a menu and the item is picked when you release Alt. This release also includes some bug fixes to the minimized windows.

          •  14 Apr 1999 14:23

            Release Notes: Menu items are alphabetized and "venetian blinds" are much smaller.

            Recent comments

            17 Feb 1999 11:32 hortiz

            flwm IS fast and light
            I just tried flwm 0.16 on my home PC, a 486 with 16M of RAM. It's really fast and light, just like the name says.

            I'm also running it as the window manager for a vnc desktop I keep running at work. It helps keep the clutter off the desktop.


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