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17 May 2005 18:17 JohnnyM

Recently switched over to this WM and have found it to be quite nice. I can definately say that I've been impressed with it so far. Keep up the great work!

13 Jul 2004 08:13 exPFCLucas

Simply the best
I've been using fluxbox for 3.5 of the 4 years that I've been free of Windows. I am continually searching for the best window manager, and I am continually returning to flux. Thanks for an excellent piece of software, and keep up the good work.

23 Apr 2004 21:01 wagnerstefan

Problems with resizing
I enjoy fluxbox too for its fast startup, easy menuconfiguration, and the missing of unused features.

But I sometimes have problems when resizing a window from the lower right corner
The window moves and resizes in an uncontrollable way, getting taller and taller - mainly when nearly maximized in the beginning, and most often it is mozilla which is behaving like that.

10 Mar 2004 15:45 bcrowell

Re: nice, but flaky
D'oh! I'm a moron. Everybody please ignore the negative part of the above post, and just read the positive part. Of the two really horrible bugs that were driving me crazy, I eventually realized that one was a hardware problem with my mouse (sticky right button), and one was a problem with my terminal emulator (aterm), not with fluxbox.

Fluxbox rocks. I'm back to using it, and am not exeperiencing any problems.

01 Mar 2004 14:15 bcrowell

nice, but flaky
I used Fluxbox for about 6 months, and liked it in many ways. The tabbed windows were a great way to organize things, and I liked the way it conserved screen space. Coming from KDE, it was nice to have a window manager that wasn't in my face all the time.


I've switched to fvwm2 now, because there were just too many bugs in Fluxbox 0.1.14. I tried posting on the Fluxbox forum, and also used the bug reporting page, but never got any response. It seems a little strange to me that the version number is 0.1.x, and yet it's listed here on Freshmeat as production/stable. My experience has been that the 0.1.x is accurate, and it's not at all production quality. Maybe in a couple of years I'll try it again, and see if it's more solid. I do miss the features I'd grown to know and love, but I just can't spend all my time working around bugs.

10 Dec 2002 06:36 aviyag

Re: fluxbox
Just adding another points i forgot, when autogrouping, you
can't tell fluxbox not to apply the grouping on transient windows
and popups.
for example - try autogrouping on mozilla, and try working that
way for a few days.....
the class "mozilla-bin" applies for the navigator, the mailer and even to the "Find" dialog....
So here is the conclusion - the autogrouping should be better.

03 Dec 2002 03:52 aviyag

Re: Just what I was looking for!

Ion might have been useful if it could deal well with popups and
transient windows.
I think that PWM was much better than Ion.....:(

03 Dec 2002 03:50 aviyag

Re: very nice
I think you should really try the tabs.
once you start working with them,
you can't stop... :)

26 Nov 2002 01:41 aviyag

Re: fluxbox
well, i have surely checked out this link before posting the message.
there are several problems in fluxbox autogrouping method:
1) use only 1st part of WM_CLASS which is not always app specific (could be something like "file" or "toolbox" etc...)
2) you can't iconify/deiconify a group
3) between restarts of fluxbox all autogroups are lost, except the
ones in the 1st workspace
i hope this clarifies my message...

20 Nov 2002 08:16 sdjayna

Re: fluxbox

> Very nice Wm.
> it would be nicer if there could be a
> way to remember window
> groups:
> 1) between restarts of fluxbox.
> 2) an option to iconify/restore a group

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