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Flux consists of utility APIs that apply compression and strong cryptography to I/O channels (file or network), do strong hashing, and exchange C structs in an architecture-independent fashion. It also provides n-ary trees whose contents can be serialized to human-readable files or network streams, along with some related utilities. It is written in C and integrates with the GLib main loop.


Recent releases

  •  28 Aug 2005 10:27

    Release Notes: Fast elliptic curve cryptographic functions were implemented. FluxWorker and FluxIndexedList were implemented. A huge performance drag when dispatching many small I/O stream events in FluxTcpIO wa eliminated. A slight, but unnecessary, performance drag in FluxObject type checking was eliminated. All warnings as issued by GCC 4.0.1 on Linux were eliminated.

    •  11 Jun 2005 20:40

      Release Notes: The marshaller's integer handling on 64-bit architectures was fixed. The code was cleaned up so as not to generate warnings with newer GCC defaults. Minor enhancements were made to the RNG and IP resolver.

      •  15 Apr 2005 21:18

        Release Notes: This release implements utilities for simplified GObject definition, a new class FluxInterval, random-order traversal for FluxPatTree cursors, and large file support for FluxFileIO. There are numerous bugfixes.

        •  03 Jun 2004 22:57

          Release Notes: This release uses getnameinfo() if available and eliminates the potential for voluminous incoming network data to stall the main loop on slow computers.

          •  28 May 2004 03:27

            Release Notes: The networking and file I/O layers were rewritten using threads. The GNet dependency was dropped. Elliptic cryptography was implemented, but the API is not yet finalized.


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