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Flusspferd provides JavaScript bindings for C++, a JavaScript interpreter and shell, and a JavaScript/C++ module system. It includes a few JavaScript classes and modules: binary blobs, XML, cURL, and others. It supports Spidermonkey as its backend, and support for other engines may be added later.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  05 Feb 2010 01:35

    Release Notes: Lots of under the hood changes were made. A new subprocess was added. The curl and xml modules were re-introduced. CommonJS support was improved. Easy installation methods were added. There are now .debs for an Ubuntu PPA, Windows binary Zip files, and Mac OS X homebrew support. For the C++ coders building modules, it is now even easier to build, compile, and install plugins using cmake.

    •  20 Oct 2009 23:07

      Release Notes: Build trees are now relocatable. You can move the built tree to a different place on the filesystem and module loading will do the right thing. require() has been refactored to enable JITting of JS modules (assuming a recent build of spidermonkey). The CommonJS "fs-base" (proposed) module is mostly implemented. JS source files are now treated as UTF-8. This means you can have Unicode literals in .js source files now. Many other small improvements and bugfixes were made.

      •  11 Sep 2009 17:00

        Release Notes: This release changes the Flusspferd module system C++ API. It drops the old proprietary 'blob' module in favor of 'binary' (conforming with CommonJS Binary/B). It adds a CommonJS 'system' module, moving some functionality from other modules to it. It replaces option parsing with a new 'getopt' module, which can also be used from Javascript. It adds support for permanent history to the shell. It adds optional support for GNU readline. There are other feature enhancements and many bugfixes.

        •  18 Jun 2009 16:41

          Release Notes: Apart from some very minor tweaks, this release mainly brings the ability to manually enable and disable plugins in the build system.

          •  08 Jun 2009 21:56

            Release Notes: This release has many new features and bugfixes. It adds FLUSSPFERD_CLASS_DESCRIPTION, an easy way of defining Javascript classes. It improves the value and type conversions, and adds more ServerJS compatible modules: 'binary' and 'encodings'. It changes the build system to cmake (this should make it easier to get Windows support). It adds other new modules, such as (rudimentary) GMP support.


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