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25 Nov 2002 12:13 dlekic

I think it's time for 2.0 version Mike...
I am getting tired of 1.x branch. There is FLTK v2.0 for SEVERAL YEARS! Mike, Bill, please let's start working on that! Pleaseeee!

23 Aug 2001 14:34 dlucio

It's a very nice GUI API Interface, much better than GTK I think. Documentation shourld be a better explan on EVENTs and other stuf.

30 Jun 2000 03:11 lars30

Installation of FLTK
Make sure you have the Mesa Development source available. glx.h needs to be around or the source won't compile.

31 Dec 1999 11:38 fratermisc

the documentation on the drawing functions
Documentation on the drawing functions (other than the GL widget which is very nicely explained in a batch of source code) is rather obscure in my opinion. The toolkit itself is a very good one and deserves to be absorbed in to wide use. Much better than GTK for rapidity of simple app development. As for complex apps I wouldn't know... yet.


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