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Floodcast is a streaming plugin for Noatun that allows you to run a very simple standalone server on the machine Noatun is running on. Furthermore, it allows forwarding whatever sound is currently being played in noatun to a shoutcast or icecast server.


Recent releases

  •  21 Sep 2004 19:01

    Release Notes: This release allows turning streaming on/off from its control panel, automatically reconnecting on shoutcast connection errors, and streams including song titles in standalone mode (Shoutcast-compatible title streaming). The status window now also works for forward mode and allows for retrieval of listener stats.

    •  17 Aug 2004 22:21

      Release Notes: This release supports CBR/ABR/VBR MP3 encoding. There's support for translations (i18n), and a German and Brazilian translation are included. The standalone server now has its status window reintegrated (it was part of earlier releases), including proper hostname lookup and more precise listening times.

      •  15 Aug 2004 15:08

        Release Notes: Floodcast's now more error-friendly and aborts streaming after 3 failed send calls, uses a timer for syncing with shoutcast/icecast streams instead of blocking noatun, and allows streaming with a fixed track name instead of using tags from noatun. Furthermore, it's now buffering encoded MP3 data before sending it in order to avoid dropouts.


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