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FLOM is a distributed lock manager that can be used to avoid shell tricks and safely execute different tasks that cannot run at the same time. It manages process serialization in the same way nice manages process prioritization. It implements the same lock mode semantic proposed by VMS DLM to allow non-trivial command serialization use cases. The goal is to "just work"; everything implemented must be useful and easy to use (configuration is reduced to a bare minimum). It works inside a single system or in a network of IP connected systems.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  25 May 2014 08:46

    Release Notes: This release introduces "hierarchical resources" support. Hierarchical resources allows you to model multiple level locks: they can be useful for filesystems and for abstract resources with an inherent hierarchy. Typical use cases are: "consistent backup", "consistent producers/consumers" scenarios, and so on.

    •  06 May 2014 21:09

      Release Notes: This release introduces support for "resource sets". A resource set is a collection of distinct resources that can be distributed to incoming clients. This is useful when you have to implement a "dispatcher" at the shell level.

      •  21 Apr 2014 21:21

        Release Notes: This release introduces support for numeric resources. They can be used when you want to limit the maximum number of concurrent running tasks. By mixing numeric and simple resources, you can model patterns like "1 writer, max N readers" or, more generically, you can implement basic workload balancing features inside a single host or a network of hosts.

        •  03 Apr 2014 20:47

          Release Notes: This release fixes some bugs discovered while trying FLOM on openSUSE 12.2 and adds console and log messages to improve network troubleshooting.

          •  20 Mar 2014 22:09

            Release Notes: This release adds options to configure a TCP keepalive feature and UDP/IP multicast auto-discovery function. It solves a minor bug related to the "UnicastAddres" config keyword.


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