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FlightFeather Social Networking Platform

FlightFeather's goal is "social networking for everyone". This means that anyone should have a chance to run a popular social networking site on minimal hardware, and without wasting bandwidth. Whenever the system's state changes, it generates static HTML pages. Pure read operations (usually about 90% of the total) do not require the application to run at all. Since conserving computing resources translates directly into conservation of physical resources (e.g. electricity use of large server farms), such "green software" can also benefit the environment. FlightFeather is already a functional system, and runs the "" site.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  09 Feb 2007 22:09

    Release Notes: This release modifies the way the FlightFeather server loads the configuration, protocol, session, and storage modules on startup. The actual loading process now takes place after all options have been parsed. If the "-c" or "--command" option is present, the server does not import these modules at all, since they are not required. The new implementation also fixes a bug that caused the test versions of the above modules to always load, in addition to any modules specified on the command line.

    •  31 Jan 2007 19:13

      Release Notes: This release updates the submission feature (which currently supports Digg) introduced in version 0.3.0. The old behavior was to submit article body text only up to the first URL in the story. The new approach submits the maximum allowed text, including any URLs encountered along the way. In the future, there may be an option to enable the old behavior, as well as other, alternative ways to process submissions.

      •  25 Jan 2007 21:58

        Release Notes: This release adds a safe shutdown feature to the FlightFeather server, eliminating the need for the two-step shutdown procedure described in QuickStart.txt. The new feature also allows you to stop the server remotely from a list of trusted IP addresses (set to just by default).

        •  23 Jan 2007 22:46

          Release Notes: This version introduces a feature that allows easy submission of FlightFeather-hosted content to Digg. Generic utility functions perform most of the work, so it should be relatively straightforward to extend support to other social networking sites in the future.

          •  20 Jan 2007 19:36

            Release Notes: This is the first beta release of FlightFeather. It also includes a test run facility and Web functionality tests.

            Recent comments

            07 Feb 2007 07:22 thrustbearing

            LinuxWorld Publishes an Article about FlightFeather
            The LinuxWorld ( article, "BoSStats,
            FlightFeather and the Relative Static Web", describes the design philosophy behind the project, and provides an overview of the technology.


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