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Fldigi is an encoder/decoder program for amateur radio digital communications with a digital modem on Linux. It interfaces to the user's radio via the sound card and optionally the serial port. It supports the following digital modes: CW, DominoEX 4, DominoEX 5, DominoEX 8, DominoEX 11, DominoEX 16, DominoEX 22, Feld-Hell, FSK-Hell, FSK-Hell 105, MFSK-8, MFSK-16, MFSK-16 pix, PSK-31, QPSK-31, PSK-63, QPSK-63, PSK-125, QPSK-125, PSK-250, QPSK-250, OLIVIA, RTTY, Throb-1 Throb-2, Throb-4, ThrobX-1, ThrobX-2, ThrobX-4, WWV, and Freq Analysis.


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23 May 2011 05:58 UR6LAD

Can you update the version on this site? ;)


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