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04 Dec 2002 16:09 ljdursi

FLASH2.2 Release
We are pleased to announce the immediate available of FLASH2.2. All
users of previous versions are encouraged to upgrade. The download
is available at:
(note the 's' in https). You will need your username and password
from previous downloads.

New users can request the code at:

The major changes are summarized below:

-- Expanded documentation

-- Better support for Intel, Compaq, and Lahey compilers

-- Enhancements to the setup script (-nxb, -with-module, -stack)

-- HDF5 output is now the default

o runtime parameters are now stored in HDF5 files

o minima and maxima attributes accompany the variable


o serial I/O performance improved

o ability to restart from a checkpoint file directly

-- New conversion tools for TecPlot and ChomboVis

-- PPM improvements

o hybrid Riemann solver

o further implementation of the CMA algorithm

-- entropy now returned by all EOSs

-- new model burners (kpp and arrhenius)

-- gravity changes

o optimizations to the multipole gravity solver

o multigrid can use multipole coarse solve

-- geometry enhancements

o new prolongation routines for 1-d spherical and 2-d cylindrical


o flux correction fixes in 1-d spherical coordinates

o generalized restriction routine

o improved support for non-Cartesian geometries in the diffusion


-- initial support for cosmology

-- integration of IBM HPM and PAPI performance monitor libraries

14 Jun 2002 23:59 ljdursi

New Release
With FLASH2.2, we're hoping to move to a more regular release schedule, with patches everytime something major improves.
News will always be posted to the FLASH-USERS mailing list that you'll have the option of being subscribed to when you register for the software; we'll also keep the freshmeat info up-to-date. Comments and questions should go to the mailing lists.


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