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Asymptopia Flashcard System

Asymptopia Flashcard System uses Motif and LaTeX to produce, manage, and use attractively formatted flashcards. You load some or all of your "collections" and set the timer for pop-up frequency. The GUI interface and "Collection Manager" make creating and modifying flashcards as simple as pushing a single button. A knowledge of LaTeX is only required when entering special symbols.


Recent releases

  •  17 Apr 2004 00:48

    Release Notes: Major flashcard management interface improvements, many little bugfixes, an improved appearance, and more.

    •  24 Sep 2003 21:56

      Release Notes: This release adds an "unload" button to the card popup. If you have seen the current card enough times, you can use the unload button to dismiss it, and it will be removed from the "currently loaded" list.

      •  11 Sep 2003 15:44

        Release Notes: Ready-to-load add-on flashcard sets for Asymptopia Flash Card System are now available. There are currently 3 sets for kids: multiplication tables, easy addition, and harder addition.

        •  10 Sep 2003 00:05

          Release Notes: This version removes the dependence on Imlib2. It now uses a custom, more reliable, PNG loader that supports all displays.

          •  06 Sep 2003 16:17

            Release Notes: Some colors were environment-dependent; those have been changed to vanilla "Black/WhitePixelOfScreen". An assert.h include was missing which led to strange compile errors on some machines, but not all. An ambiguous typecast has been made explicit in the file ToggleBplus.c. Some minor GUI enhancements have been made.


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