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Flamerobin is a database administration tool for the Firebird RDBMS. It features a small footprint, fast execution, cross-platform compatibility, and only depends on other open source software.


Recent releases

  •  03 Sep 2009 16:31

    Release Notes: This release has support for trusted authentication. Databases can now be recreated from existing registration info. Transaction isolation level can now be selected in the SQL editor. There is a new Win64 port. Deletion from system tables (e.g. to stop queries via MON$STATEMENTS) is allowed.

    •  03 Oct 2008 13:30

      Release Notes: This release brings new features like Firebird 2.1 support, tab-based property pages for database objects (like the Firefox browser), the ability to load and save BLOB data in the DataGrid to files, and an improved dialog for inserting new rows.

      •  28 Mar 2008 11:27

        Release Notes: This is mostly a bug-fix release, and is probably the first stable 0.8.x version without major bugs. In DataGrid, BLOB data is now (optionally) shown in cells and a basic ORDER BY clause building when column header is double-clicked. The LIST function in Firebird 2.1 is supported. MON tables in Firebird 2.1 are supported.

        •  24 Dec 2007 18:20

          Release Notes: It contains bugfixes and some important improvements in efficiency (faster work over slow links, faster processing of long SQL statements and more responsive data grid when used with large datasets)

          •  12 Oct 2007 12:26

            Release Notes: The ability to edit, add, and remove existing rows of the DataGrid directly was added. This works even for joins and complex queries. A basic Test Data Generator was added, as was the ability to create a selectable stored procedure for a table.


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