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22 Aug 2013 10:13 RanaE

Dear Lajos,
While compiling an IDL program I got an error:

Error: DEVICE: keyword not allowed: GET_FONTNAME

What is the way to solve it, please ?

Best Regards,

30 Apr 2010 08:27 fawlty

Sorry, I have not read this page for a while.
KILL_NOTIFY in WIDGET_BASE was added recently in 0.79.5.
CATCH in XMANAGER is missing, I'll add it in the next snapshot.

21 Apr 2010 12:04 Yanovskiy

I tried FL 0.79.5 development snapshot and managed to compile and run the program, but when I tried to select the input files I received the error:
Error: XMANAGER: keyword not allowed: CATCH

14 Apr 2010 08:01 Yanovskiy

Dear Lajos,
While compiling an IDL program I got an error:

Error: WIDGET_BASE: keyword not allowed: KILL_NOTIFY

Is there a way to solve it ?


18 Sep 2009 10:12 fawlty

These errors come from an unfortunate coincidence. I have added signed bytes to FL, with the conversion function SBYTE (an analog to BYTE). CMSVLIB uses an array named SBYTE with subscripts SBYTE(...), which results in calls to the conversion function in FL. The easiest solution is to rename all instances of SBYTE in CMSVLIB to something else, eg. XBYTE.

17 Sep 2009 21:47 dlwoodra

One very useful thing to me, and maybe others too, is the ability to read/write data in IDL savesets. Craig Markwardt has his own expanded save/restore utilities that I tried using with FL and got errors. Would you look into this and see if it's possible to include? Thanks again for a fantastic program.

19 Aug 2009 13:43 fawlty

I'll add help, /device in the next release. I need feedback from users, so carry on commenting :-)

18 Aug 2009 15:03 dlwoodra

Sorry for posting again, but I'm really happy with being able to write directly to a PDF. This is strangely missing from IDL. Since this is an expanded capability, beyond IDL, you may want to highlight this a little more.

Also, it seems that the "help,/device" hasn't been implemented.

Thanks again for a neat program.

12 Aug 2009 16:12 fawlty

Widgets are in a 'proof of concept' state, many routines and keywords are missing. A more complete implementation will come later this year. (I'll add TITLE for the next release.)

12 Aug 2009 03:46 tudorchilli

Hi. Another happy user here but just a tad upset to find that widget_base does not accept the keyword TITLE. Just wondered why?


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