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Firewall/SOSDG is a Netfilter/IPTables firewall that is designed to be simple to use, yet powerful. It features support for standalone machines and routers (with NAT support).

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  13 May 2012 00:04

    Release Notes: This is just a maintenance release fixing a few minor bugs and upping the version to 1.0.

    •  28 Oct 2011 21:50

      Release Notes: IPv6 DHCP rules were fixed. Certain conn track rules were moved around, because they normally would not be used outside of a specific context. Code was cleaned up and some bugs were fixed.

      •  22 Feb 2011 19:19

        Release Notes: This release fixes the location of the closing IPv6 if statement, adds default policy rules, fixes a stray NEW conntrack match that was causing incoming connections to be allowed even if blocked, and adds advanced port controls for IPv4 and IPv6.

        •  18 Feb 2011 18:15

          Release Notes: IPV6_ROUTEDCLIENTBLOCK has been changed to allow blocking only on specific subnets. There is support for allowing IPV6 critical ICMP messages (on by default), a new config option for interception of IPv4 packets (aka transparent proxy support), the script now requires bash 3.0 or higher, and work has begun on variable error checking.

          •  18 Dec 2010 22:37

            Release Notes: Some of the configuration clutter was moved to conf/. Work on a configuration tool was begun. An option to use state or the conntrack module for state tracking was added. The default gateway interface and IP address of an interface can now be optionally automatically detected.


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