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fireparse is an ADMLogger plugin that emails a report of all packets that have been logged by the kernel's packet filtering subsystem (iptables/netfilter or ipchains). The report includes source and destination ports, direction, logged packet count, matched rule, and fully resolved host names (if available). The email report can be formatted to plain text or a colored HTML table.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  10 May 2001 06:57

    Release Notes: This release includes no operational changes since 2.3, although configuration no longer requires hand editing of the script, making it a lot easier.

    •  03 May 2001 02:00

      Release Notes: New verbose and strip options, fixes non-HTML e-mails with HTML clients, more subject tags, and a few bugfixes.

      •  03 Apr 2001 01:56

        Release Notes: This release remerges ipchains and iptables, so all users can now use 2.2. User-customizable subject lines with on-the-fly variable substitution have been added.

        •  08 Mar 2001 11:01

          Release Notes: Huge performance increases with smaller loading requirements, a slight security fix, and a hidden syslog scrubbing option for advanced users.

          •  10 Jan 2001 04:03

            Release Notes: This version supports the new netfilter/iptables packet filter logging included in Linux kernel v2.4.x. It includes v1.9 for ipchains users.

            Recent comments

            17 Sep 2005 18:51 amarasco

            Project pretty much dead
            This project is pretty much dead. Sorry, I don't have the time to do much with it anymore.

            I recommend somebody who has interest to (a) take it over or even better (b) port it to LogWatch which seems to come with a few distros now.

            18 Jan 2002 09:32 ncartron

            Fireparse is a good product, very simple to configure, and the mails it generates are much more cumfortables to read than reading .txt logs :)
            Greetings !


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