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Mozilla Firefox

Firefox (formerly known as Phoenix and Firebird) is a cross-platform, powerful, usable, and standards-compliant Web browser, based on the Mozilla framework. It is written using the XUL user interface language and was designed to be cross-platform.


Recent releases

  •  11 Jun 2014 08:59

    Release Notes: This release added a sidebars button and support for GStreamer 1.0. Non-whitelisted plugins will no longer be enabled by default. There are also a number of bugfixes, security fixes, and developer-specific changes.

    •  11 Jun 2014 08:52

      Release Notes: New features include a significant new customization mode, a user-friendly browser control menu, a new tab interface, an interactive onboarding tour, the ability to set up Firefox Sync by creating a Firefox account, a Gamepad API, and a Malay locale. There are also several developer changes and security fixes.

      •  24 Mar 2014 08:37

        Release Notes: VP9 and Opus video are now supported, along with horizontal HTML5 audio/video volume control. There are various new features to HTML forms and MathML, and several stability issues have been fixed. In Mac OS X, there is now Notification Center support for Web notifications.

        •  05 Feb 2014 07:54

          Release Notes: In Firefox 27.0 you can now run more than one service at a time with Firefox SocialAPI, allowing you to receive notifications, chat, and more from multiple integrated services. TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 are enabled by default, and support for the SPDY 3.1 has been added. Web development is made easier with a JavaScript deobfuscator. Besides this, there are several other new features, bugfixes, and security fixes.

          •  16 Dec 2013 08:29

            Release Notes: All Java plugins are defaulted to "click-to-play". The password manager now supports script-generated password fields. Updates can now be performed by Windows users without write permissions to the Firefox install directory (requires Mozilla Maintenance Service). Support for H.264 on Linux if the appropriate gstreamer plug-ins are installed. Support for MP3 decoding on Windows XP, completing MP3 support across Windows OS versions. Numerous improvements to standards and API compliance, as well as bug and security fixes.

            Recent comments

            22 Aug 2012 04:00 domperignon

            I've tried many web browsers but Firefox is simply the best

            27 Jan 2010 21:28 rodrigo72lopes

            the best browser!

            13 Jul 2009 13:36 DoBar

            Two weeks ago i desided to change my browser (form IE to Firefox) and i am still hooked :)

            Up to know i installed:
            - Adblock plus (to aviod commercial)
            - Bable fish (to be able to read this forum, because i'm from germany and my english isn't the best ^^)
            - Firbug and Search Status (pefect for developer)
            - No Script (against Spam)
            - Currency converter

            Maybe you have some more tips for me :)

            Greets Dobar

            25 Mar 2007 15:15 akor

            Re: Cool browser
            sorry, for second post, i just remember one great firefox ads :) I hope you will glad to see that.

            25 Mar 2007 15:04 akor

            Cool browser
            Guys, your browser is amazin. This is whole web platform, i just find free extentsion submitemnow which act like standalone application. This is really cool!. Please, continue your development!


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