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26 Oct 2004 15:50 whatbenefits

Looks interesting
I checked out the demo and this is a good and bad package.

Good from the standpoint that it's extremely simple - it captures address info, lets you email, and that's pretty much it... It works - quickly. And would probably make a great framework upon which to build another app which has similar functions (or even if you just want to futz with all the fields and make it capture different info)...

Bad from the standpoint that it's extremely simple... No login authentication, no sales pipeline tracking, no graphing, no letter writing, only tracks a specific set of limited fields, no follow-up tracking, no calendar, etc... So I wouldn't call it a CRM unless your relationship is pretty mundane.

But I can see it growing, and look forward to watching it... In the meantime, I do plan to utilize the code for some different databases that I have been meaning to write - but which don't need to be super duper sophisticated, and this seems to fit the bill, so...


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