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Fireflier is a firewall tool which is built on top of the iptables framework. It allows you to create rules based on single incoming network packets or to simply allow/deny single packets to pass. It features a client-server approach for administering from another PC, SSL connection between client and server, rules with timeouts (rules are deleted after some time or when fireflier-server shuts down), and filtering based on applications.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  20 Jan 2004 11:44

    Release Notes: This version updates the queued packets mechanism and the KDE version of the QT client including a dock icon with auto popup support.

    •  20 Nov 2003 15:18

      Release Notes: gnomeclient and qtclient do port resolution now, and the server does forking (-d). A pidfile is supported. The init script was updated. Some compile issues and some errors for SuSE were fixed (tested server and qtclient).

      •  25 Sep 2003 17:56

        Release Notes: A DOS attack where anyone who had access to the fireflier server port could prevent logins to the server has been fixed. Note that only one IP has access to the fireflier port by default. /var/run/fireflier/usrules is no longer world readable. qtclient now terminates when there is already a connected user. Progress messages have been added to the status bar.

        •  19 Jun 2003 12:45

          Release Notes: A gcc-3.3 compile error was fixed.

          •  11 Nov 2002 17:12

            Release Notes: Adapted to an iptables library change. Some gcc3.x compile issues have been solved.


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