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FireBurner (FB) is a compact yet full-featured CD-R/W burning software package. It runs on both Linux and Windows (using Kylix on Linux and Delphi 6 on Windows). It allows users to easily burn custom data, audio, or mixed mode CDs. Its unique multi-threaded cache and design allows users to burn at high speeds with little chance of buffer underrun. It supports Bin/Cue, WAV, PCM, and ISO image file formats.


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08 Feb 2003 21:17 winsurfn

continuing the search for a good cd burner
xcdroast is the best to date, whilst it is mainly a front end for cdrecord etc , it is an excellent little application with a GNU license. well worth the look.

08 Feb 2003 17:54 winsurfn

well it hasnt changed
running mandrake 9 2.4.19-16mdk, out of the box.

downloading this was a waste of time, it allegedly only does test burns, but it wouldnt let me test burn .mp3 z then i couldnt select a data directory to test

about the only thing i could do easily was
rpm -e FireBurner

20 Jun 2002 13:28 slave138

Not impressed...
People keep telling me this is such a great program, but it doesn't seem to work on my system. Their support forum is virtually useless since they never respond. They claim this software is XP compliant, but one look at thir forum says otherwise -- there are nothing but error messages and complaints from everyone running XP. Some have found fixes, but most seem to be in limbo. Needless to say, I won't be wasting any money on a program that A) doesn't work and B) is not supported by anyone. If I wanted that, I'd download freeware...

20 May 2002 22:40 Phreaker69

FB is okay, but some things I don't like:
- No "Erase CDRW" function. I use CDRWs a lot (not packet writing, just regular tao/dao) for things I only need temporarily. This is highly inconvenient and repels me from the program.

- Options not easily available from a single window like CDRWin

- "Are you sure you want to exit Fireburner?" Annoying.

12 Mar 2002 04:00 higuita

Re: iso's
just use the normal unix iso builder...

dd if=/dev/cdrom of=/tmp/your_cdrom.iso


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