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phpFileFarm is a Web site support tool/directory explorer that lets you view the directory structure of your Web site and then add, change or delete files using only your Internet browser.


Recent releases

  •  26 Apr 2003 04:14

    Release Notes: The program now works with register_globals off and no longer spews warnings if error_reporting is E_ALL. MIME type detection was improved, and file/directory descriptions were added. GDBM is now used to store descriptions.

    •  02 Dec 2002 23:16

      Release Notes: This release works with register_globals off.

      •  06 Sep 2001 20:02

        Release Notes: A security check was added which will now prevent users from saving pathnames containing "..". The HTML was cleaned up a bit as well.

        •  29 Aug 2001 05:16

          Release Notes: Bug in dealing with filenames with spaces and a potential security hole where visitors could create scripts to run server-side have been fixed. All files are forced to be downloaded by the browser rather than being rendered by the server first.

          •  28 Aug 2001 18:21

            Release Notes: Several minor bugs were fixed. Some new big features were added, such as directory breadcrumb trailing, theme / skin support, and more. Authentication can now be disabled.

            Recent comments

            12 May 2002 10:51 joakimb

            magic quotes
            There is a problem with phpFileFarm if magic_quotes_gpc in php.ini is set to on. A patch is submitted to the bug tracker at

            /Joakim Bomelin

            20 Mar 2002 00:11 openface

            Re: dot dot slash

            > View any file (even outside the base
            > dir) with ../

            I'd like to know how you did this. There are conditions at the top specifically added to ensure that up-folders are not used and it halts with an error when they are. Please explain more.

            19 Mar 2002 21:05 aSmig

            Re: dot dot slash
            Sorry, that is with version 0.2.2

            19 Mar 2002 21:03 aSmig

            dot dot slash
            View any file (even outside the base dir) with ../


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