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15 Oct 2000 12:23 meisocock

my experience
downloaded the latest version. it says on the site that it requires libxml 1.8.7 or later but *not* 2.x. i have 1.8.7 so i started to ./configure. it threw up an error saying i need libxml 2.x. so i removed 1.8.7 and installed 2.x. ./configure worked ok but the compile failed.

i decided to revert back to libxml 1.8.7 and to try an older version. it compiled ok... but crashed twice in my first 5 minutes of using it.

im using slackware 7.1.

11 Apr 2000 19:28 sadeyez

Works great
Fidelio works great. All the functions that a "Hotline" client should have are there, in my opinion. And it's actually very stable! Great application.

17 Feb 2000 01:15 surak

very usable!
This is nice user-friendly and usable client. Upload resuming would definitely be a nice feature to have.


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