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23 Dec 2010 18:33 bcrowell

I've played around some more with the new java version and want to correct some inaccuracies in my earlier comment and also add some more information. The controls for changing the scales do work, but only when data collection is not active. (The C++ version allowed it to be done on the fly.) There are no numerical labels or grid-lines on the graphs like there were on the C++ version, but you can hover the mouse to read off coordinates. The performance issues referred to in my earlier comment may just be because the moving average window is turned on all the time; however, there does not seem to be any way (as there was in the C++ version) to turn it off, so the effect is that performance is poor. Sound input sometimes inexplicably fails to work on my machine. The Stop button takes about 5 seconds to respond on my system, which is particularly unfortunate since you can't adjust the scales without stopping.

22 Dec 2010 18:58 bcrowell

The old C++ version was pretty good, but the author has taken the source code and binaries off the web, so it's no longer available unless you have a copy hoarded somewhere. The new java version is much worse. Its performance is much worse, and the controls for the x- and y-axis scales don't work.


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