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ffmpeg-php extension

ffmpeg-php is an extension for PHP that adds an easy to use object-oriented API for retrieving information from movies and audio files. It has methods for returning frames from movie files as images that can be manipulated using PHP's image functions. This works well for automatically creating thumbnail images from movie files. ffmpeg-php is also useful for reporting the duration and bitrate of audio files (mp3, wma...). ffmpeg-php can access many of the formats supported by ffmpeg.

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Recent releases

  •  03 Sep 2006 00:42

    Release Notes: New functions were added for audio streams: getAudioSampleRate() and getAudioBitRate(). The getBitRate function was changed to be like getAudioSampleRate() and getAudioBitRate(). Bits per second are now returned instead of calculating kb/s. A possible error in hasAudio calculation if audio stream is the first stream was fixed.

    •  30 Jun 2005 22:30

      Release Notes: This release adds the ability to create animated GIFs. ffmpeg_frame constructor has been fixed to allow creating ffmpeg_frames from gd images. This allows to make animated GIFs directly from a series of gd images. A php.ini option has been added to disable persistent movies. frame->isKeyFrame() and movie->getNextKeyFrame() methods have been added. Now displays ffmpeg-php ini values in the php_info() table. A crash when trying to read more frames than exist in a movie has been fixed. There is a patch to correctly init gd before attempting to fetch gd image resources.

      •  14 Mar 2005 04:25

        Release Notes: The ability to open movies as persistent resources has been added. This gives a six fold increase in speed when repeatedly accessing a movie in different requests. Reading of 3gp movies has been fixed. Stride problems if a frame is resized upwards have been fixed. Functions now use safe_emalloc() to avoid integer overflows. Some macros have been updated to allow compiling on Windows. Undefined symbol errors have been fixed, and strictness of compiler warnings increased to catch these in the future. Error handling when movie object creation fails has been fixed, so these errors can be trapped in a PHP script.

        •  30 Jan 2005 21:09

          Release Notes: This is mainly a maintenance release. Many small fixes and cleanups have been made, and a few new methods have been added for getting metadata from MP3 files.

          •  08 Jan 2005 08:17

            Release Notes: New getVideoCodec, getAudioCodec, and getAudioChannels methods were added along with a constructor to create an ffmpeg_frame object from a GD image. Incorrect error reporting was fixed in get_decoder. A nasty memory leak in free ffmpeg_frame was made along with many code cleanups.


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