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Flat File Extractor

ffe is a flat file extractor. It can be used for reading different flat file structures and displaying them in different formats. ffe can read fixed length and separated text files and fixed length binary files. It is a command line tool developed under GNU/Linux. The main areas of use are extracting particular fields or records from a flat file, converting data from one format to an other, e.g. from CSV to fixed length, verifying a flat file structure, as a testing tool for flat file development, and displaying flat file content in human readable form.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  26 Mar 2014 12:14

    Release Notes: Zombie processes are now properly reaped using SIG_IGN, and a new printing directive %C has been added.

    •  11 Nov 2012 11:40

      Release Notes: The output option "hex-caps" has been implemented. There are performance enhancements for large numbers of expression values, which is useful when reading expression values from a large file; see expression keyword "file:".

      •  10 Apr 2011 10:40

        Release Notes: Input preprocessing was implemented.

        •  29 Sep 2010 10:01

          Release Notes: The record keyword "level" and the printing keywords "group-header", "group-trailer", "element-header", and "element-trailer have been implemented. These can be used to print flat file contents in a structured format (e.g. multilevel XML). The record keyword "record-length" has been implemented. This can be used to ignore extra fields that are not defined for a record.

          •  25 Mar 2010 13:18

            Release Notes: Having the same field in several expressions (using the -e,--expression option) works now. Earlier, only the last expression in the command line was used. The -X,--casecmp option was implemented.


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