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16 Apr 2002 07:36 cassee

Re: Comments needed!
I implemented IP filters for one gateway and two servers in a DMZ network with ferm, and it it VERY easy to setup. Way better then other filter setup scripts, because you don't lose the flexibility of the iptables system.

The only thing missing is an init script to load a pre-defined ferm script (say, /etc/ip-filter.ferm). But this might be a job for packagers.

02 May 2001 15:39 sofar

Debian package

In case you're interested: there's a debian package available at, see the project homepage for it's exact location.


08 Jan 2001 11:19 sofar

Comments needed!
Hi there!

I'm very anxious for comments, patches, bugreports, well, anything actually!
Does Ferm behave you expected it to be? Do you like the way ferm handles
rules? Wish something would work differently? Anything else?



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