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FCFS RWLock is a first-come first-served readers/writers lock for POSIX threads. FCFS means that the first thread to request control of the lock will gain it, based on the constraints of a readers/writers lock. FCFS RWLock is well documented and commented, so it can easily be used as a reference implementation.

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Recent releases

  •  18 Apr 2009 15:53

    Release Notes: A major bug was fixed by revamping the internal design. extern "C" declarations were added where appropriate for compatibility with C++. The AUTHORS file was updated.

    •  07 Apr 2009 18:48

      Release Notes: The build system has been converted to CMake. The missing pthread_rwlock_fcfs_destroy() function has been implemented. The licensing has been clarified to CC-Zero / MIT/X11. Memory locks in test_rwlock have been eliminated..

      •  12 Mar 2002 12:30

        Release Notes: Support for Run-Length Encoding of queue elements was added, saving valuable sync resources.

        •  13 Jan 2002 19:41

          Release Notes: This is the first stable release. An HTML page was added, and there are other minor tweaks.


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