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03 Jun 2011 16:06 s1497k047

does the source code has readme?!
I do a little when he had a dorwable folder

27 Apr 2011 04:30 gsker

As long as I'm here I'll leave this too. :-)
It takes too long to recognize that I'm moving (this is on the Nook Color BTW), so I made this change in
< final int slop = ViewConfiguration.get(getContext()).getScaledTouchSlop();
> final int slop = ViewConfiguration.get(getContext()).getScaledTouchSlop()/2;

27 Apr 2011 04:25 gsker

I love FBReaderJ, but I have found that with the Nook reader, the motion to change pages on the screen with a flick is too large to be usable by my thumb. I tracked it down to FBView and made this change:
this 329,330c329,330
< ((w > h) ? w / 10 : w / 9) :
< ((h > w) ? h / 10 : h / 9);
> ((w > h) ? w / 4 : w / 3) :
> ((h > w) ? h / 4 : h / 3);
Which works, but is not good practice since it only works on my device. Can you make the flick distance configurable?

Thanks for all your work!

05 Apr 2011 09:24 FlopEJoe

Great app but same request... I wish to tap the left side and the book turns to next page. As it is now, I either reach the left thumb across to the right side or hold the device awkwardly high in the palm and set it to scroll on bottom tap.

Wish I had time to set up to dev. Maybe when work calms down.

17 Feb 2011 05:22 kspn

I have been using the App and overall i have found it to be very good.

I have 3 points I would like to raise however, in what I consider the priority order.
**This may have been fixed in 0.99.13 which I just installed**
1) On occasion when another program loads (for example I plug in USB) the App closes, this isn't an issue, but I have noticed that FBReader in these instances doesn't cache the current page that I have read up to and I need to re-find the location (the most recent was 2.5 chapters, about 50 pages, out)

2) There is no option to define what happens when you tap on the side. It owuld be useful to be able to define what happens when you tap (for example) the left hand side of the screen. I tend to hold the device in my left hand and would like to be able to tap the left hand side of the screen to go to the next page. In other reader apps I tend to define it so that any tap will turn to the next page and use swipe to go pack to a previous page if I need to. (Even an option to 'invert' the page turn taps would solve this issue)

3) There seems to be no option to 'flush' the tag list. I have made some changes to the Tags of some books and it seems to be keeping an obsolete tag in the Tag list, the book is in the updated tag as well.

Overall this is a great program and I am pleased with how it works, and overall, apart from the first issue, the other 2 are quite minor.

18 Jan 2011 16:56 oclocker

I think that this program is best ebook reader for Android platfom, unfortunately with one very big blot - works with FB2, ePUB and PRC only. Support for at least TXT and PDB would be nice, because I have 8 PRC's, 5 ePUB's, exactly 0 FB2's, and about 1500 PDB's and TXT's.

28 Dec 2010 02:34 _FeDeX_

Turns out to be an issue even in early 1.6 JDK. Fixed by installing the latest available JDK.

26 Dec 2010 03:43 geometer

_FeDex_: looks like an issue in early 1.5 JDKs; try to upgrade your JDK.

25 Dec 2010 00:55 _FeDeX_

Sorry, did not work out with the link, here it is:

<a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"></a>

25 Dec 2010 00:54 _FeDeX_

I donwloaded the project itself from the github and tried with it. After performing ndk-build in Cygwin and "ant release" I was able to get to the actual compilation process, which, unfortunately failed. Here is the output log:

<a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"></a>


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