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FIM (Fbi IMproved) aims to be a highly customizable and scriptable image viewer targeted at the users who are comfortable with software like the Vim text editor or the Mutt mail user agent. It is based on the Fbi image viewer and works either in the Linux framebuffer console or in the X system. It features the ability to filter the list of images with regular expressions, Vim-like autocommands, command line autocompletion and history, completely customizable key bindings, external/internal scriptability, and much more.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  01 Nov 2013 23:12

    Release Notes: Some minor bugs related to '$' command behavior on the last image in the list, and visualization of huge pixelmaps with SDL. By default, the H key is now bound to image-to-height scaling. Build time compatibility was established with libpng up to 1.6.6 and giflib 4.1/5.0.5.

    •  13 Oct 2013 17:32

      Release Notes: This candidate release for version 0.4 introduces GraphicsMagic library support (more file formats), renders "matrix market" numerical matrix files (via librsb), makes the "aa" output device ignore X, adds documentation improvements (e.g., the fim man page is now auto-generated), adds "imlib2" X-based output device support, makes "sdl" output device improvements, adds hardcoded consolefonts support, makes the history file optional, improves many commands, and adds --no-commandline, --no-internal-config, --enable-custom-status-bar, and --as-text switches. Random image browsing can now be done with either --random or --random-no-seed.

      •  23 Mar 2013 11:14

        Release Notes: This is a major release. Over version 0.3, it introduces support of the GraphicsMagic library (more formats supported), support for rendering "matrix market" numerical matrix files (with librsb), X mode no longer the default in aalib (available as an option), libjpeg/libpng usage improvements, documentation improvements (e.g., the fim man page is auto-generated), "imlib2" X-based output device support, "sdl" output device improvements, hardcoded consolefonts support, support to disable the fim history file, improvements to many commands, and --no-commandline and --no-internal-config switches.

        •  23 Mar 2013 11:05

          Release Notes: This is the updated version following fim-0.3-beta-prerelease. Although superseded by version 0.4-beta, this version should be quite stable, as it implement bugfixes collected over 2010 and 2011. It also introduces some features, including better consolefonts support, much better SDL support (different color modes), a negate feature, and a -S, or "sanity-check", switch.

          •  07 May 2008 06:55

            Release Notes: New features include experimental support for AAlib (ASCII art rendering), the ability to read image files and scripts from stdin, support for running on the PowerPC architecure, buffering and scrolling for the debug console, a speedup in magnifying pictures, a speedup in displaying dithered images, looser quote checking when "push"ing files, the ability to dump to file executable scripts, a regular expressions operator, new default key bindings for control over split windows, and the ability to compile the code without the readline library.


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