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FAQ-U is a system for maintaining a list of Frequently Asked Questions, commonly referred to as a "FAQ". FAQ-U makes dynamically served, maintainable, searchable and more presentable FAQs than the traditional hand edited format. FAQ-U can create a "plain text" version for posting to USENET and transmitting via email.


Recent releases

  •  10 Sep 2000 01:38

    Release Notes: A new permissions system that lets you give full editing control to admins or limit this from FAQ level down to answer only, support for user comments and answer credits, a new logging system system, changing the login mechanism to avoid problems with PHP running under CGI mode (as well as being more secure), support for per-FAQ themes, an install script to simplify installation, and other cosmetic and "flow" changes to simplify editing.

    •  20 Apr 2000 09:42

      Release Notes: First public release.

      Recent comments

      08 Jan 2001 16:19 pberry

      Nice system
      I've just installed FAQ-U for an internal site. It's very customizable and flexible. Plus it runs with minimal effort which is always good.


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