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30 Oct 2003 21:36 grifferz

How about an IPv6 version? If I get some time I will look at adding this.

27 Dec 2002 16:44 fvh

patch which adds a makefile and some other things
I've created a patch against version 1.7 of fake identd which adds a makefile and fixes some potential problems. You can find it here:

19 Sep 2002 05:34 loudawg

Exactly what I needed
This identd server was the easiest thing to install! I was up and running in literally under a minute. I actually compiled it on OpenBSD and it works great. Now I have it set at the ident server for my entire network, so everyone can use IRC. If you're looking for a ident server to simply return a value, this is the one to get. The quickest and simplest you can get!

22 Oct 2000 21:10 cgeb

Makefile and init script
I made a little Makefile and init script for
fakeident, so it's nearly auto-installing.
You can find the stuff at (

17 May 2000 00:49 aaronal

This solved my problem
I have a masqurading firewall and this fixed my troubles. Simple and sweet - worth a try!


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