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Fact Or Fiction is a deck editor for the popular trading card game "Magic: The Gathering". It can be useful for organizing and keeping track of your cards. It supports card filtering, automatic image loading, deck sorting, and quick entry.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  28 Apr 2006 05:31

    Release Notes: This release is in sync with the "Dissension" edition of Magic: the Gathering. Unglued and Unhinged cards have strange names, and some issues with picture download were fixed. The homepage was updated with the correct workflow to build a working (UTF8 encoded) Oracle. The size of the edition list control was decreased. Dissension mana symbols were added. Dissension was added to the initial download list. Image scaling was reworked to use bilinear filtering.

    •  29 Mar 2006 16:01

      Release Notes: The source is available in CVS. The sources, the Java source code, and the default Oracle file use Unicode (UTF-8) for encoding the text. Oracle files are expected to be UTF-8 encoded. Drag-and-drop with multiple selected cards in the deck editor window now works. Linux/GTK fixes were made. Some of these fixes should also apply to the Mac. By request, a new sorter plugin was added. The image download directory is set on startup if it is not already configured.

      •  15 Mar 2006 13:52

        Release Notes: Hybrid colored cards are now filtered correctly (if any one of the colors is unfiltered, they remain unfiltered). Guildpact hybrid mana symbols were added. Wrap-around search in Oracle was added. Multi-platform RCP applications are now properly exported from Eclipse 3.1.2. File associations are now created and registered (under Windows) to open the editor when a .dec file is double-clicked. Frame flow for deck printing was rearranged a little bit.

        •  23 Feb 2006 07:46

          Release Notes: This release was updated for Eclipse 3.1.2.

          •  18 Feb 2006 21:31

            Release Notes: A sample Oracle file is automatically installed to get you started right away. Fixes were made to editing and sorting. Hybrid mana symbols were added.


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