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Fachwerk3D calculates three-dimensional strut-and-tie models used by structural engineers for analysing and designing reinforced concrete structures. The program only uses the equilibrium conditions, thus it is not assuming elastic behaviour.

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Fachwerk3D moves to 17 Oct 2011 21:05

Due to the announced closure of BerliOS, the project moves to:

Recent releases

  •  22 Jul 2010 20:14

    Release Notes: This release improves the automatic model reduction algorithm. Linux users will benefit from desktop integration. The user manual has been enhanced and updated. It now covers the automatic model reduction introduced in the 0.4.x release. While the examples are two-dimensional, the feature also works in 3D.

    •  02 Dec 2009 21:11

      Release Notes: This release adds a feature that allows semi-automatic strut-and-tie model creation: an optimization process eliminates inefficient members until the model is statically determinate.

      •  01 Jun 2009 10:34

        Release Notes: This release improves usability on netbooks. It adds more key accelerators. (Shift-/Ctrl-) Arrow keys move or turn the model view.

        •  02 Dec 2007 23:05

          Release Notes: The status field shows the statical indeterminacy. This release fixes a bug with sliding bearings.

          •  13 Sep 2007 21:21

            Release Notes: Upon request, the program proposes member forces if the system is statically indeterminate. The calculation is linear-elastic and assumes a fixed ratio compression to tension stiffness. The algorithm works even if the system is unstable. The user still has to judge if the proposed member forces are reasonable for the given case. This release adds an algorithm that moves a node along a straight line until a required member force is achieved.


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