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Flash for Linux

Flash for Linux is an SWF editor, similar to Macromedia Flash.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  21 Dec 2005 10:55

    Release Notes: The program can now export simple objects like images, lines, rectangles, ovals (ellipses), and text. The "locate" command is used to find the TrueType font files needed for text.

    •  15 Jul 2005 04:41

      Release Notes: The timeline structure and the canvas structure were rewritten. Speed was improved. f4l is closer to becoming an animation editor or IDE. An attempt at SWF output was added. Rectangles and ovals and lines can be exported to SWF.

      •  28 Feb 2005 22:05

        Release Notes: Some painting bugs have been cleaned up.

        •  08 Dec 2003 12:19

          No changes have been submitted for this release.

          Recent comments

          26 Jul 2005 11:05 anonanon

          I have known this project following links in f4l page:

 ( or (
          even actionscript support in linux, incredible!

          15 Jul 2005 06:42 mr700

          Re: Good work with f4l!

          > ...

          > I think the qt-lib is much slower then GTK

          > and it's a bit blown up.

          With KDE desktop GTK is much slower, this depends on

          which window manager you use.

          07 Dec 2004 01:36 xenobyte

          Good work with f4l!
          I am very lucky to read, that there is such a project. Me and some of my friends were waiting a long time for this, but i was a little bit disappointed, that you use the qt-lib and C++. I personally dislike C++ and i think the qt-lib is much slower then GTK and it's a bit blown up. Maybe you'll decide to use C and GTK one day. I would be glad to hear that. I do a lot of tests with your software on my boxes and hope, a can help you one day.

          Anyway, thanks for your work and good luck with your project.


          Timo 'xenobyte' Briddigkeit

          PS: Please excuse my bad english, but i always was bad in foreign languages at school. *g*


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