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EZFB Linux Frame Buffer API

EZFB is a polymorphic, object oriented Linux frame buffer API written in C, designed to adapt at run time to control any properly configured Linux frame buffer video system. It offers independent, simultaneous control of multiple video cards within a single system, exceptional control of colors, the ability to display all or portions of bitmap files anywhere on the screen, automatic color depth conversion, the ability to capture to bitmap files, an 8x8 bitmapped font, routines to draw points, lines, outlined and filled rectangles, signal trapping for automatic screen clean-up at process termination, and much more. The demonstration applications include a bitmap viewer, screen capture utility, screen saver, and a touch screen calibration utility and an application for generating, viewing, transforming, and saving files according to The International Laser Display Association's ILDA file format.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  22 Mar 2008 00:15

    Release Notes: This release is radically different from the previous version (over 3 years ago). The entire core of the frame buffer has been optimized with pre-calculated pointers to pixel rows, eliminating a lot of redundant math and pointers to functions, set at initialization, eliminating redundant switch statements. In other words, it's a lot faster. New features have been added to enhance and accelerate animation in the frame buffer. A fully functional version of LaserBoy is included.

    •  22 Jan 2005 10:06

      Release Notes: Changes were made to ilda.cpp/hpp. The ilda_section class was redesigned to contain STL vectors of ilda_3D_point and ilda_palette_item, replacing the C-style pointers (x, y, z, k, c, r, g, b) used to store points in a frame or colors in a palette. A minimize_blank_points function was added to reduce data stored on disk by eliminating all but one blank point between any two shapes in a frame. The to_ofstream function in the ilda class was fixed to save one frame with zero points at the end of a file.

      •  19 Jan 2005 04:01

        Release Notes: This release fixes lots of bugs. It cleans up the entire project namespace by changing the names of many functions, macros, variables, and even data types. It splits bmp_clone_ezfb function into bmp_clone_ezfb_virtual and bmp_clone_ezfb_screen, and fixes ezfb_set_xy_offsets so that it does not corrupt palette display. The name of the ild2fb project was changed to laserboy, which also had extensive changes made to it. A global palette selection was added. Recolor effects were fixed.

        •  02 Jan 2005 03:27

          Release Notes: This release fixes a lot of bugs, and adds two new functions, set_ezfb_xy_virtual and set_ezfb_xy_offsets, making it possible to set up the video memory area to be larger than the visible screen and to move the visible screen area around in the video memory. It also includes a driver for The International Laser Display Association's ILDA file format and an application for generating, displaying, transforming and saving ILDA files.

          •  23 Aug 2004 06:05

            Release Notes: A few bugs were fixed. gcc is now used instead of g++ in the makefile, and the demo code now compiles cleanly with either gcc or g++. Conditional code was added to assert that the frame buffer is in palette mode before continuing in some of the demos that use palette mode.

            Recent comments

            13 Jul 2002 15:53 JamesLehman

            First public release.
            Hello everyone.
            I hope you find this useful. James. :o)


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