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Exscript is a scripting language for automating network connections over protocols such as Telnet or SSH. It is in some ways comparable to Expect, but has some unique features that make it a lot easier to use and understand for non-developers. It supports parallelization, logging, authentication mechanisms, and a lot more.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  10 Mar 2011 16:49

    Release Notes: The protocol API was vastly improved and handles prompt matching in a much more robust manner. Support for interactive connections was added. Exscript now includes Telnet and SSH servers. Exscript.util.mail has support for sending mail with attachments. Numerous new utilities for sysadmins and developers were added. Most external dependencies have been removed: Exscript now only requires Paramiko and python-crypto. Support for SSH version 1 was removed.

    •  04 Mar 2010 20:05

      Release Notes: This release is well tested and has already proven to be robust, so use in a production environment is encouraged. The Python API has been completely overhauled and made a lot simpler. The new API is well documented. Countless utilities for network administrators using Python were added. For example, it is now trivial to generate reports and email, logging is more configurable, new functions for reading and writing input and output files were added, and user interaction was simplified.

      •  13 Dec 2007 18:51

        Release Notes: Support for Huawei routers was added. It is now possible to use a different authentication and authorization passwords when using AAA. It is now possible to skip the authentication procedure. Support for regular expression modifiers was added. The operating system and device detection mechanism was improved. Many bugs were fixed.

        •  26 Sep 2007 22:41

          Release Notes: This release fixes the very broken last release, which had many bugs in the interpreter. "while" and "until" loops now work, and bugs in the "is not" operator, in regular expression escaping, and in some arithmetic operations were fixed.

          •  25 Sep 2007 15:25

            Release Notes: The SSH adapter was completely reworked and should now be on par with the Telnet adapter. The Telnet adapter now supports terminal type negotiation. Exscript is now fully supported on Python >= 2.2. SSH support is now optional. The error handling of the parser was greatly improved, and more errors should now be detected at compile time. Prompt recognition was further improved. Strings may now be concatenated using the "." operator. The "in" and "not in" operators for searching through a list were added. Many more features were added and many bugs were fixed.


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