Comments for Expense Report Software

15 Apr 2010 18:35 delev

I've just installed the Expense Report Software, but there is a problem.
index.php returns user and pass form, but at the end of the page appears one "die?" message. I can't login with both user and pass.
Please give me a clue what is wrong?

13 Mar 2006 12:58 shafiqrao

Re: error encountered
the project has bugs, index.php won't show up.

01 Feb 2006 13:10 nimmo

error encountered
hi, i downloaded and installed the project, but index.php is being displayed as a blank page. i then tried loading login.php directly, so it takes the login and password from there and redirects back to index.php , once again displaying a blank page. it doesn't show any errors, or warnings. the database and the records have been successfully created, can u please tell me how to fix it now


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